The First Yacht Cruise Tour in Batangas

For the weekend wanderers and travel junkies, Batangas is often among their first destination choices considering its convenient location from Manila and the wide variety of activities and travel sites it offers. With only an hour to two travel time from the Metro, this travel destination favorite is a home to many pristine beaches, mountains that are perfect for climbing, water activities, great food, and hotels and resorts that offer only the best of service. Everything one could possibly want to tick off their travel bucket list can be found and done in Batangas! In fact, it has been such a favorite destination for the longest time that people probably think they’ve seen it all, done it all.

But that changes now. Tourists are encouraged to add another travel to-do to tick off as Batangas gets its first ever Yacht Cruise Tour!

If this is something that you have never tried before or something you are interested in, the next travel destination should be Amore Point, a forty-minute drive away from Lipa! It is the pier’s landing and staging point for the Taal Lake cruise tours which are offered in a 32-passenger catamaran, 8-passenger small boat, and a four-stroke two-passenger jetski.

There are also different tours for every type of traveller. Morning persons can take the morning cruise tour and enjoy the fresh breeze while sailing during the day time. For those who’d like to watch the Sunset and prefer the serene waters at dawn, they can take the Sunset Tour. No matter which cruise tour you’ll choose, you are sure to enjoy a glass of wine and dining aboard the yacht. Sit back and relax as you discover the beauty of Batangas from a different perspective as you travel from Amore Point to Lakepoint Manakah.

Guests may book and their cruise of choice arranged at the Limapark Hotel located at the township of Lima, in Malvar, Batangas. There’s a special rate offered as well to hotel guests. But for regular rates, the Batangas Lakelands Tours and Cruises may be availed for only P1,980 per person, already covering the transfers, snacks, and refreshments.

For extra activities, Amore Point also offers dragon boats and kayaks for rent!